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Do you take advantage of visual content marketing trends & strategy? As search engines & discovery platforms move quickly towards visuals & rich media, we explore the power of photos & video to entice your audience & upsell your corporate story!

Photography at Beyond Blue | Pitch Visuals

How do you create an annual event that comes back year after year for well over ten years? As a Melbourne Event Photographer, I’ve attended many events both large & small. I always enjoy photographing Western Health’s BreastWest fundraiser. It’s a….

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10 Business Photography Ideas To Increase Brand Awareness

In the internet world of information overload, it's so important to get your message out to your customers. But before you hit them with lots of information you need to do something else first. You need to get their attention, & gain their commitment to learning...

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Boost Your Website’s Content With Unique Photography

You already have the precious words for excellent storytelling content featured on your website, you hit publish and then what? Your visitors are not staying long enough to read it and take it in, not even a single comment or share on social media. What should you do?...

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17 Best Corporate Headshot Photography Preparation Tips

You’ve booked a professional corporate photography shoot or maybe even some headshots for LinkedIn. What do you do now as preparation? How should you prepare to get the most out of the photoshoot? At Pitch Visuals, we’ve done hundreds of executive portrait sessions....

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