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PR & Marketing Photography

Why Provide Your Own Images To Media Outlets ?

The main reason is to elevate your story a high traffic section of the media outlet. Good PR & Marketing photography is high on the list of why a publication editor might elevate your story to the section lead. Giving it thousands more viewers. But guess what? The dwindling number of staff photographers means it’s unlikely a photographer will be assigned for your story. And if they are, you won’t have control of the images or access to use them elsewhere.

Be Confident Your Images Can Entice Media Editors

Photography at major media outlets is highly specialised & very competitive. Each publication has their own unique brand of photography. Pitch Visuals photographers are specialists in creating high quality marketing and PR photography for Australian mainstream media, with decades of experience working directly for the publications your campaign might be targeting. See the video below for samples of our work in the media.

Pre-Launch & Launch Campaigns

A campaign or product launch is a key time for media interest. Having marketing photography prepared in the best story telling news media style will help give your story a boost. This captures the attention of editors who want to elevate stories that can bring in more readers. Launch events can also benefit from social media event photography

Start-Up, Innovation & IPO Marketing

Start-ups & innovators have a strong need for publicity. Especially during an IPO or capital raising or connecting with customers. It’s a hotly contested media space. The quality of your presentation to editors can make a big difference in where they place your story & the number views you get. Our professional media photographers have created hundreds of images that lead media stories about businesses of all kinds.

Our Published PR Photography

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