How do you create an annual event that comes back year after year for well over ten years? As a Melbourne Event Photographer I’ve attended many events both large & small. I always enjoy photographing Western Health’s BreastWest fundraiser. It’s a fabulous night of nights, & a photographer has to have plenty of subjects to point a lens at. So here is what I love about this event that makes it so great.

It Has Heroes

The event is a fundraiser to help women with breast cancer, but instead of being overcome these women are the heroes of the event. Each of the women is teamed up with a Western Bulldogs football player & together they entertain the crowd with fashion parades and antics.

It Has Celebrities

This year Anthony Callea was the star on stage entertaining the crowd who wafted arms to ‘Unpretty’. The lighting was spectacular & Anthony went overtime to the crowd’s delight.

Behind The Scenes

Makeup & hair stylists, women chatting about fashions as singers warm up their delicate tones. Some racks full of dresses, other racks full of shoes as the makeup artists pose for a group selfie. Suave suited footballers being nothing but gentlemanly. Behind the scenes is organised chaos.


The BreastWest event has winners. To start with there was a raffle draw & a silent auction. Winners on stage with prizes in the air always makes for nice photography. Footscray footballers & Anthony Callea were also winners. The event itself was the big winner by raising $85,000 to support those undergoing breast cancer treatment.

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